Newest Addition to the Family

This big beast, Tunabee Hufflepig AKA “Tuna”, is one of the many reasons blog posting was put on hiatus. We got her in January and she’s consumed virtually every spare minute since then. We are so completely and utterly obsessed with her.

Tuna is a 3’ish year old American Staffordshire Terrier rescued from Oakland Animal Services. She used to live near an apartment complex in Oakland and beg for scraps. The tenants tried to call the cops for someone to pick her up but they failed to catch her. One day she showed up at the apartment complex all beat up and bleeding with a few dog bite wounds on her legs and face. Animal Services picked her up, fixed her up, and put her up for adoption.

Jason and I showed up two days after she was spayed and instantly fell in love. She has the sweetest demeanor and really just wants to cuddle and get rubs. She loves treats, walks, protecting her home, stalking the neighborhood cat, and rough housing outside with our neighbor’s dog. I love her so much and I can’t imagine life before she entered our hearts.









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I’m Allison. I like taking pictures, cooking, and baking. My husband, Jason, and I moved to California from the NY/NJ area in August of 2014. We’re starting a new life out here and so far it’s been an revitalizing experience! You can read more about why this page is called "Stills and Spills” in the first entry. Enjoy!

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