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Whale Watch Tour

Jason was in New Jersey for a wedding this past weekend. I had a photography class scheduled for Sunday, but no firm plans for Saturday. I randomly decided Friday night that I wanted to go on a Whale Watch Tour. I found one in Moss Landing, only about an hour and a half away from Oakland. It had awesome reviews online and seemed quite promising.

The weather wasn’t going to be ideal and it turned out to be a bit foggy but that didn’t prevent the whales from coming out to show off. It was a great three hour tour, filled with tons of wildlife and beautiful scenery. I can’t wait to go back again to Blue Ocean Whale Watch!


Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man on the docks for some reason.


Seals hanging out at the docks.


Pelican Island. 


Whale sighting near shore.


Seal caught a fish and started shaking it around like a dog trying to break it up into pieces to swallow.


First Humpback Whale breach!


Humpback flapping his pectoral fin.


Still waving away!




Otter eating some muscles!


DSC_0734 copy


Found a beautiful flower farm on the way home.


Family Trip to California

Jason and were thrilled to welcome my family here in California. My parents, brother, and his girlfriend all packed into our one bedroom apartment over two weekends with a full week in between. We had an incredibly busy schedule of places and events and fun things to show them. It was a full of sightseeing and I think everyone enjoyed themselves even though it was a bit of a chilly spell in the Bay Area while they were here. Some of the highlights are below; Point Reyes, Alcatraz, Pier 39, Crissy Field, and Napa Valley. We both miss our families a lot but it was great to share the beautiful state of California with them!

DSC_0536(Point Reyes view of the ocean)

DSC_0610(Point Reyes Lighthouse)

DSC_0781(Point Reyes Elk)

(Point Reyes Elk)

(Escapee cow in Point Reyes)

(Boat ride to Alcatraz)

DSC_0211 2

(Alcatraz art exhibit)

(Alcatraz art exhibit)

(Boat ride from Alcatraz)

(Sunset over San Francisco)

(Crissy Field)

(Crissy Field)

(Crissy Field)

(Crissy Field)

(Napa Valley roses)

Here we go…

I like taking pictures. Ever since middle school I can remember having a digital camera with me everywhere I went. I enjoy cataloguing my life. It is nice to be transported through pictures back to the moments they were taken. Sometimes my memories blur between events I actually remember and the images I’ve looked at over the years. I constantly find myself going through old pictures and recalling when and where certain things took place. It gives me the ability to piece together a timeline, and refresh my memory.
IMG_4763 Facebook ends up being the home to many of the pictures I take. It’s comforting to offer them to the people I’ve shared experiences with, so we can all reminisce together. Especially now that my husband and I live across the country from our family, they’re able to keep tabs on us. Since 2010, I have posted over 120 albums on Facebook. That’s an average of 24 per year with the number of pictures per album ranging from 20-200. That’s a lot. What can I say? I like taking pictures.
IMG_4770 (1) I also like baking and cooking. For some, they only like baking OR cooking. That’s probably because they’re very distinct disciplines. Baking is a true science. Too much baking powder, salt, or butter will give you a completely different outcome than you had anticipated. Cooking offers more give and take. You can add more garlic here or cayenne there. Different parts of my brain have a great appreciation for both art forms. I find the kitchen cathartic. Not everything comes out perfectly, but I enjoy the process and sometimes, the frustration.
IMG_4771 Those are my “Stills and Spills”. The still images that represent my life’s ups and downs. The spills in the kitchen that have been successes and failures.